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Our Services

Services to suit our clients needs.

We are proud to offer out clients a comprehensive range of services tailored to their needs. With our vertically integrated business we're able to program and deliver clients’ needs on budget and on time.

One of our major strengths is our ability to deliver projects from within our own direct resources. Specialist staff work with our clients to deliver innovations resulting in time and cost savings wherever possible, without
risking the quality or integrity of results.

Working closely with project teams allows us to ensure priority fieldworks and testing are conducted when and where necessary, avoiding costly delays. We understand how critical geotech reporting timeframes are to
your construction delivery objectives, so maintain rapid turnaround times for testing results and engineering reports.


Soil Testing

Our soil testing laboratories and team of technicians are based in both city and regional areas providing optimum flexibility and fast turn-around of all your soil sampling and testing needs.

We provide a comprehensive and efficient service and test results are accessible via our unique customer web portal.


  • Sampling – soils, aggregate and concrete sampling, slump and concrete cylinders

  • Classification tests – plasticity index, particle size distribution, permeability, emerson class, unsound stone,flakiness index, LA Abrasion

  • Compaction tests – hilf, standard and modified compactions, dry density ratio, moisture ratio, moisture variation,

  • Field density tests – NDMG and sand replacement

  • Strength and penetration tests – CBR, shrink/swell, dynamic cone penetrometer, perth sand cone penetrometer

  • Compression – Strength and density of concrete, grout and mortar

  • Soil stabilization preparation methods

  • Thermal Resistivity Testing

  • Materials Testing Annex Laboratories

Geotechnical Engineering

We provide geotechnical engineering services throughout your projects from the feasibility stage to the completion of construction.


Our services focus on delivering in a timely and cost efficient manner ensuring that we deliver exceptional value to you as our client.


We have expertise and experience in Field Engineering and Design in the Residential and Industrial Sectors. Our engineering services can provide you with expertise in:


  • Soil testing (classification)                                     

  • Distressed (cracked) buildings

  • Geotechnical investigations                                

  • Foundation testing / Inspections

  • Ground Remediation Bearing Capacity       

  • Pavement Investigation & Design

Concrete Samples Tint.jpeg
Tower Tint.jpeg

Geotechnical Assessments

We are NATA accredited for soils, aggregate and concrete testing and can undergo extensive expansion of testing services provided to include Vic Roads (Pre-Qualified), DTEI, and QMR test methods.


We take a multi-disciplinary approach to deliver effective project outcomes. This is made possible by our operational diversity, wide capability base and our extensive industry experience. We focus on excellent operational performance and seek to forge strong business relationships with our customers.  Our geotechnical services include:


  • Compaction control testing

  • Earthworks supervision

  • Geotechnical testing

  • Investigations

  • Concrete testing

  • Quarry materials testing

Geotechnical Consulting

We specialise in slope stability and landslip risk
assessment providing advice for residential properties
and infrastructure Erosion Management Overlay.


This involves landform survey, field engineering geological survey, site surveillance and drilling and laboratory testing programs to assess ground conditions.


We provide advice regarding:
Landslip Risk Assessment and Management
Infrastructure Risk Assessments
Slope Stability Analysis and Forensic Investigation
Slope Monitoring
Land Instability Management
Expert advice for property owners
Mitigation works design advice
Trench stability assessments

Additionally, we can provide specialist advice on environmental impacts.

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